Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 2020 Census of Guam begin?

The 2020 Census of Guam will begin in February 2020 with our Address Listing operation. Through this operation, living quarters (Housing Units, Group Quarters, and Transitory Locations) and non-living quarters (for example, businesses or organization facilities) will be identified and documented by their physical location.

Then, in March, Enumerators will travel door to door to conduct the in-person interviews of each household. The in-person interviews will extend through Summer 2020.

Am I required to respond to the 2020 Census of Guam?


Responding to the 2020 Census of Guam is required by law.

Will my responses remain confidential?


The U.S. Census Bureau is bound by Title 13 of the United States Code to protect your information, and the Census Bureau is not permitted to publicly release your responses in a way that could identify you or your household.

The Census Bureau can only use your information to produce statistics. Personal information cannot be used against respondents by any government agency or court.

Every employee of the 2020 Census of Guam takes an oath to protect your personal information for life. Anyone who violates the Title 13 oath will face severe penalties including a federal prison sentence of up to five years, and a fine of up to $250,000, or both.

How will I be able to identify an Enumerator?

Every Enumerator will have an official Government of Guam badge and another identifying them as an official 2020 Census of Guam worker. Enumerators will present these badges, as well as a Confidentiality Notice, to each respondent before every interview attempt. Enumerators will also carry an official Census Bureau work bag.


How many questions are there?

The number of questions will depend on the responses for each individual within the household, but an interview usually takes about 40 minutes to complete.

What kind of questions will I be asked?

Enumerators will collect demographic, housing, and socioeconomic data about the population of Guam. Respondents will be asked about the age, sex, race and ethnic origin, education level, employment status of each household members. They will also be asked about the housing characteristics of their home, including the age of the structure and the number of rooms.

Will you ask for my Social Security number or my banking information?


2020 Census workers will never ask for your Social Security number or your banking or credit card information.

Can I respond online or over the phone?

Enumerators will capture your responses to the 2020 Census of Guam by conducting an in-person interview. You cannot respond online, over the phone, or through the mail.

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